MGF dash board/Armaturenbrett auf MK2 umrüsten

From: Russell Reeve Lincolnshire United Kingdom on 28 April 2002 at 14:23:23 (UK time)
Fitting the MK2 centre console in a MK1 MGF is almost as simple as the MK2 rear speaker modification. Their are 4 main problems but each one is easily over come


1. The 5 fixing tabs that are part of the MK1 console that attach the console to the 5 blue clips in the dashboard are supplied separately by MGR as FWJ 100240 for the 3 upper fixings and FWJ 100260 and FWJ 100270 as lower fixings left and right hand side

2. The heater control box is the same on both the MK1 and the MK2 MGF just the front facia has changed this can be removed by removing the 3 heater knobs and unscrewing/unclipping the front facia and swapping for the MK2 heater control box facia and avoiding the hassle of removing the entire heater control box

3. The switches in the MK2 console are different and the keying on each of the MK2 rear fog lamp and rear heated screen switches prevent the switches fitting the connectors on the cars wiring harness. This is easily corrected by carefully unclipping and swapping the legends on the front of the rear fog lamp switch YUG102740 PMP with the heated rear window switch YUG102570PMP. The switches are internally the same but now the keying on the rear of each of the switches will match the cars wiring harness

4. When you come to fit the MK2 centre console you may find it will not fit, this is because the 2 lower fixings have to be modified. All that is required is the removal of the inner top corner on the 2 lower fixings (would anybody host a picture of the finished modification on their web site an till I get my own site up and running)

The windows switches and the clock and oil temperature gauge are interchangeable

Parts required
Centre Console FHD102460 PMA 50.69
Moulding Facia Upper FWJ 100240 18.33
Moulding Facia Lower LH FWJ 100260 2.30
Moulding Facia Lower RH FWJ 100270 2.30
Finisher Gear lever FJV 101910 MDC 51.00
Mat-Front FIF100070 PMA 1.87
Gaiter FJL101920 PMA 16.56
Switch - Blank YXJ100200 PMP 1.87
Switch rear fog YUG102740 PMP 5.21
Switch rear heated screen YUG102570 PMP 5.21
Screws DA 608044 ????
Heater Control Box Facia ????


Pictures show MK1 only

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