MGF + Milltek Exhaust
sampler from a famous enthusiast
Ddraig at Heidelberg (Cat bypass as well)
another from David
Notice, this part will not fit to a very new MGF cause of the different catalyst connection

im DTM Design (nicht mehr lieferbar)

Great sounding exhaust (out of production)
(equal to the SP)


This Exhaust is no longer listed at the Milltek Site.
Now a straight pipe exhaust got introduced. (Falcon)

Meteor 3' (76mm)

Montage How to install
1. Fahrzeug hinten anheben.
WARNUNG: Fahrzeug auf Montageständer
1.1 WD40 auf die Muttern zum Rostlösen. Einwirken lassen.
2. Mutter und Sonderscheibe zur Befestigung der Schalldämpferklammer hinten entfernen.
3. 2 Flanschmuttern zur Befestigung der
Schalldämpferklammer hinten entfernen.
4. Klammer entfernen.
5. 2 Flanschmuttern zur Befestigung des
Schalldämpferhalters rechts entfernen, Halter
6. 3 Flanschmuttern zur Befestigung des
Schalldämpfers am Katalysator entfernen.
7. Katalysator von Schalldämpfer lösen, Dichtung später erneuern.
8. Schalldämpfer von Halter links lösen, Schalldämpfer entfernen.

Montage in umgekehrter Reihenfolge. Auf zentrierte Ausrichtung der Endrohre achten.
1. Lift the car rear
NOTICE: Use axle stands for secure works
1.1 Use WD40 for easy nuts access.
2. Loosen the nut and special washer of the silencer clamp.
3. Loosen both flange-nuts of the silencer clamp at the catalyst
4. Remove the clamp
5. Loosen both flange-nuts of the silencer bracket at the right side.Remove the bracket.
6. Remove the three flange-nuts of the ilencer to catalyst flange.
7. Loosen the catalyst from the silencer. The use of a new sealing later is recommended.
8 Loosen the silencer from the left bracket and put it away.

Installation in reverse order. Notice the centering of the tailpipes and adjust.
Zuletzt die TÜV Eintragung.
Mit einer Briefkopie eines vergleichbaren Typs kein Problem.
At last the entry of this modifikation to the cars papers by the TUEV for insurance requirements.
Individual approval with reference registrations were no problem.
After the first 500 miles a problem with the exhaust centering appeared. The complete exhaust had moved to the right. See below the position of the both brackets. the left one was wrong bended an had slipped against the rubber damper. The other bracket on the right had nearly fallen out of the damper
left bracket to much right
right bracket also
re-bend the left bracket.
applied washer to prevent from slipping to far right
distance plate
eight weeks later :(
far to much distance in comparison with the RH bracket
shorter ?
Did it this way.
Rewelded at the broken location and shortened down to a smaller distance.

after 50k miles .... rattles when starting from cold and warmed up.
click to enlarge
Whole box with centre dent and funny bubble on the right

click to enlarge
OK on the left. *Bubble mark* from expanding inner wall direction right

click to enlarge
The expanding inner wall on the right :)

new Milltek for MGF MK2 (EDC3)

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