MGF VVC with MGTF 160 Oilcooler

made by Techspeed to Dave's MGF in August, 2003

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the known problem was the moving of the coils VVC coils.
notice, the red coloured pipes are independent hydragas connectors.
the oilcooler
water-oil of course
top view Seen from the right.
Some welding for new fixtures of the coils to the subframe
The unforeseen problem was that the TF had a different oil temperature sender and plug on the wiring harness. Consequently, the plug on the F's wiring harness would not fit the TF sender. There was no obvious solution. However, Techspeed found an MG ZR oil temperature sender that would do the job once they had filed off the locating lugs.Testing this ZR sender in boiling water apparently showed that it was close to the original Fs sender in terms of calibration with the oil temperature gauge. Driving the car home on the motorway, my initial impression was that it reads slightly higher than the original Fs sender. Nevertheless, that early motorway run at a steady 90mph seemed to show that the oil temperature was more stable and lower than it was prior to the fitting of the oil cooler.

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Pictures courtesy David Livingstone
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