MGF / TF door glass and hood and hardtop adjustment works
Many thanks fly to Paul for sending the instructions

Before you start to adjust the windows, look at first how the doors fit to the body.
See that you got the newest design window stop if the car is older then 1998

deutschsprachige Anleitung für Fenster, Tür und Spiegeldreieck

english language instructions for window, door and the mirror cheater adjustment

Die Linke Tür sitzt zu tief und steht unten ab.

LH door misaligned
To low on top
Lower side to much out.

after adjustment RH
RH door to high.
The lock bracket is adjusted to high. Needs a Torx 40 to get adjusted.
Other adjustment relates to the hinges. 13mm wrench required.
The whell arch liner needs to be removed if the chassis side hinge bolts should get reached.



Adjustment for front catch:
flip back the spring
turn nut LH to tighten, turn RH to make it loose.
Flip on the spring and try if it is OK now.
Repeat if necessary

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