In Car Entertainment Installation Project of Ronny Peschel, Sweden

Main Amplifier in the passengers footwell
A Sony XM-440EX, 4 channel amplifier in the passengers footwell covered with a carpet covered plate to protect and hide the amp. Currently bridge coupled to feed the two front channels with 2x100W 4ohm 0,1% THD). Will be used as 4ch (4x50W) when rear speakers (Infinity Kappa 52.1i a 5 1/4" 2-way speaker) are added to the system which will be fitted in the T-bar.
Sub-channel amplifier under passanger seat
A Sony XM-255EX, 2 channel amplifier bridged to feed the mono sub woofer. Capable of delivering 1x140W (4ohm 0,1% THD).
Monuted under the passanger seat on a board under the carpet. Just small enough to fit the free space under the seat.
Mid range speaker in the doors.
Infinity Kappa 62.2i. Asphalt plate covered door to kill all rattle and noise.Plastic door shreder proctetion assembled.Next step is to re-assemble the door panel. High range tweeter is assembled on the dash board close to the front screen. Might be moved to the door above the mid-range (similar to the standard assembly of a MkII).
The head unit in "black panel" mode
The Sony CDX-M770 can be used with closed panel and then controlled only by a remote control.
This is what Sony refers to as "black panel" which IMO melts in the F enviromnet very well. I plan to use a new version of remote control from Sony that can resembles a small round hockey puck RM-X6S.
This use IR and will be mounted next to the cigarette lighter. The other remote's are hard to find a good spot for in the confined F.
The head unit with "black panel" in the dark.
The "black panel" of the Sony CDX-M770 acts as a display when the head unit is used. Dispays a spectrogram of the music currently played.
The head unit when the front panel is opened.
By the push of a button, the front panel opens up and the Sony CDX-M770 can be used. Control with the buttons at the unit.
Low level low profile rear RCA-connector.
Since the space behind the head unit is limited in the a special mini-RCA-connector had to be created. Use a standard connector, peel of all plastic. Solder on new cables and protect the cable with shrink tube
Future sub-box space.
The storage box between the seats will be removed and act as a template for a sub-woofer box enclosure. To make it as flexible as possible the box will be built up using glasfibre and plastic.
Only the baffle will be MDF. In the enclosed box a polk dX-8 will be mounted. This is a fairly small sub suited for a 7 liter closed box (not vented) which is approximately the volume of the enclosure. The complete assembly will be covered in black speakercarpet for it to melt into the environment. This setup has rather low sensitivity, however, there's lots of power to use from the bridged 2ch amp under the passanger seat.
(Inspired by Dominic and his Infinity Kappa 8" sub installation using this space)
pictures and text courtesy Ronny Peschel

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