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3. Report from Fabrice Bihay

I finally managed to take some digital picture of my bikerack on my F. I took them from several angles, with and without the bike on it.

I've carried my bike on my F for thousands of miles during the last 2 years. I've never encoutered any problem so far (just as with my previous car, also with the same bikerack).

I've never dared to carry 2 bikes, because maybe the engine grills and the plastic bumper, where the straps are fastened, could be not strong enough, I just don't know.

The key feature of my setup is the angle between the 2 parts of the bikerack. I set this angle so that it allows the bikerack to rest against the top of the bumper and near the edge of the bootlid. These 2 places are strong enough (for instance compared to the centre of the bootlid). Although I think it wasn't necessary, I put some rubber from a tire tube inside the hooks (at the end of the straps) to avoid rubbing and scratches to the paintwork.

Something interesting about my "setup" is that it is a bog standard bikerack and it takes only 1 minute to put it on my F ( + 2 minutes to put the bike on it).

25.07.00 © pictures courtesy Fabrice Bihay, Belgium

assembly to the boot lids air intake slots
assembly to the bottom of the bumper

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