MGF Crossmember Bar / Quertraeger
and other mad noises from the chassis

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Ein dickes Rohr unter dem Armaturenbrett ist rechts und links mit dem A-Rahmen verschweißt und gibt dem MGF Stabilität im Frontbereich A large pipe is located under the dash. This pipe is welded to both sides of the A-Frame.
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Die Schweißnähte brachen bei einigen frühen MGF. Durch Verwindung des Chassis kommt es temperaturabhängig zu knarrenden Geräuschen. The welding is bad at some MGF Creaking or knocking noises occur if the cars body winds and moves.
Neil, Jerome and Hanah did it with success to both. Did'nt work for me, though :(



  Some chaps from the MG Cars BBS found their own solution. I tried it as well and it did not work at mine.

We added U-shape clamps 60mm dia to the weld locations on both sides of the cross member bar (U-shape clamp used i.e. for exhaust pipe connections)
  Unbolt the glove box (A) and pull the connections to the switch and lights off (mark the cables for later re-assembly)
  Do the clamp over the bar
  near view from left below
  rear view to the bar (before adding the clamp)
  from below
  I cannot recommend the official MGR solution from a Bulletin in 1997. This means to dismantle the complete dash, drill holes and reweld.
It is a try and error game. May be it works, may be not.
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Zur Reparatur müßte das Armaturenbrett demontiert werden.

5 mm Löcher in das Außenrohr bohren und diese neu schweißen.

The complete dash board should be removed for this repair works. 5mm holes drilled to the connecting of the crossmember bar to the body flange need to be welded for new.

Another knock noise at my own car drove me crazy until a solution was found

Nachdem alles, aber auch alles andere untersucht war, kam der Meister in meiner Werkstatt darauf, mal an diesem Blech herumzubiegen.

Did all recommended checks. At last the workshop head bent at this sheet metal with a fabric covered big screw driver ....

Problem beseitigt. Irgendeine Schweissnaht hat hier wohl den Ärger verursacht.

Problem cured. Any of the weld points had made the trouble.

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