MGF/ MGTF door pins
used from a Jaguar

Replacing the cheap door pins with nice chrome pins from a Jaguar is one option. Another is getting slip over aluminium anodised or chrome plated from aftermarket companies like Chrom-Design.
This site shows some pictures regarding thread cut requirements. I got them from a Jaguar enthusiasts in the UK for 12 quid at Ebay. Reasonable costs IMO.
(NOTICE Thread cut is not required for the easy slip over other parts. As well the door cover normally need not be dismantled))
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Use two grippers and do like press fit force to the outer diameter along the plastic pin height. Step by step press it flat. Then use one gripper to hold the shaft and pull it off with the second.
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Remove door panel
Pull off the old
plastic pin .
Use grippers.
mark the length of app. 16mm
cut the 16mm and prepare for thread cut
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bend the shaft outwards for access to the thread cut cut M4 thread M4 thread same on the other side
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will look like this.
Check the shaft direction and bend it to meet the best slide direction in the ring. Door cover temporary attached of course
Another bunch ... for the bin Put adhesive to the door ring from below after pushing the ring to the door cover Some grease to the invisible shaft may help prevent from unwanted noise
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If you have no thread cut options, then consider drilling the thread away in the pins. Use a 4.0mm drill and then adher them with 2-component adhesive onto the shafts.
David Clelland comments:
I didn't bend the rod to cut the thread. With the window down I managed to start the die off by hand then with the aid of some oil I used a plumber's pipe wrench. No problems and I didn't have to worry about bending the rod back into shape.
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