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24933.htm 200/400 (XW) SAXXW
68766.htm 600 (RH) SARRH
82700.htm 800 (RS) SARRS
136048.htm CityRover MAT604
103589.htm Metro/100
(Apr 90 VIN 100001 on)
Mini (1990 VIN XN010001on) SAXXN
11174.htm Rover 200, 25 and MG ZR SARRF
49148.htm Rover 400, 45 and MG ZS SARRT
122520.htm Rover 75 and MG ZT SARRJ
7083.htm Rover 75 V8 and MG ZT260 SARRX

MG Cars
Enhanced Historic Parts Catalogue (EHPC) including latest TF ( LE500, LE85 )
xparts, x-parts
*Under construction*
MGF & MG TF Parts catalogue to be enhanced with VIN relations, where used.
*Under construction*
notice: only the parts prices are historic. Edition app. 2003.
Today you pay about double and more for some of the rare parts

Notice the colour coded rows.
Marked *
green* means ready.
Marked *
yellow* means ready to be approved.

Update Edition on site, dated 17.05.2011

Search for MGF/ TF parts by part No. or description.
Use the * joker to search for fractions of numbers or words

This EPC consists 341 documents
and 10446 words/numbers currently

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