MGF / TF PG1 manual gearbox oil filling

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Land Rover MTF-94 gear box oil (2.2 Liters required, 2.4 l at a dry new one))
p/n STC9158
Specification pdf file


Land Rover MTF-94 is a specific manual transmission fluid formulated with dedicated additive technology and non conventional base stocks.


- Passenger car synchronised manual transmissions and transaxles, and non-hypoid transfer boxes.
- Light duty diesel utility and truck synchronised manual transmissions and non-hypoid transfer boxes.
- R380 gearbox used in Land Rover Defender, Discovery and Range Rover vehicles.
- PG1 gearboxes in Rover 200, 400, 600 and 800 Series, MG-F, MGTF and Land Rover Freelander vehicles.
- H gearboxes in Rover 600 Series vehicles.
- Other manual transmissions requiring this type of SAE 75W-80 product (depending on the manufacturer's specific recommendations).
- ZEXEL limited slip axles
- MTF-94 is also specifically recommended for Honda manual transmissions, particularly where the Honda MTF-7289 specification is called for.

MTF-94 is not recommended for use in hypoid differentials where API GL-5 performance is required.


Maximises transmission life: Extremely shear stable viscosity index improver resists break down under the high shear stresses of modern transmissions, ensuring that oil viscosity and film thickness are sufficient for effective protection of gears against wear and scuffing. Proprietary antiwear and extreme pressure additives provide the load carrying capacity necessary to minimise wear of transmission components under all conditions.

Saves on maintenance: Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability of the non conventional base oils provide superior resistance to the formation of lacquer, deposits and corrosive acid by-products.

Longer oil drain periods: Exceptional oxidation resistance and thermal stability of the non conventional base oils resists degradation and provides longer term protection against oil thickening and acidity increase compared with more common MTFs.

Easy gear selection: Special viscosity and frictional characteristics allow synchroniser rings and cones to operate properly over a longer period, enabling light and easy shifting, even at low start-up temperatures.

Rover Group
MTF-94; R380, PG1 & H gearbox approvals
Honda MTF-7289
MG PG1 gearbox approval

Full Synthetic 75W80 GL-4
See for CALTEX worldwide

SAE Viscosity 75W-80
Density at 15°C, kg/L 0.870
Flash Point, COC, °C 185
FZG, Load Stage 11
Pour Point, °C -45
Viscosity at -40°C, cP 60,000
Viscosity at 40°C, cSt 53.2
Viscosity at 100°C, cSt 10.50
Viscosity Index 190

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How to:

It appears that MGR have saved costs in the manner of filling only a low amount of oil to the gearbox. I didn't beleave when I heard this the first time. Could have been coincedence at the gearbox of Torsten was my first thought.
Now you all know I only beleave what I've tried myself. I bought half a litre of best Castrol full synthetic 75W80 GL-4 oil and jacked up my 1999 made car on a rainy afternoon.
It is an ar*e to fill said Torsten. He used a syringe to put it in.
OK, I had a look into my funny DIY toolbox and found a 8mm plastic hose for pressed air fitting into the oil can tip. I sealed it with any isolation tape and off we go.

Unbolt the 17mm filler screw and find a way to lead the hose into the filler. The easiest way appears to be through a gap between wheelhouse cover and the wing sheet metal. The oil can rests on the inner side of the bumper then. The hose could be shorter. Though, I did not cut the hose. May be the hose might be required for different DIY jobs later. :)

Very funny !! I filled up the half litre and blame me it was not enough !!! I'll require another half litre for 6 quid.

Oil filler and release screw torque
Tightening tensions are 45 Nm for the square 3/8 inch socket drain plug and 35 Nm for the filler plug

NOTICE, It's said to be better changing the whole stuff at once instead of refilling. (Dunno why)

[Click to enlarge image]
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[Click to enlarge image]
clearance plates for the jack
location of the u-shape jack up joint
secure with axle stands
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Used SMX-S Castrol (CALTEX) instead of MTF-94
other are Liqui Moly 4426 / 4427 or Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90
green arrow shows the filler bolt
drain bolt just only to show
the location
(3/8" square insert)
here we go
[Click to enlarge image]
[Click to enlarge image]
[Click to enlarge image]
[Click to enlarge image]
spot on the filler hose direction impossible from below without professional refill equipment
DIY applied refilling hose
in from the rear. Hose going above the lower arm.
[Click to enlarge image]
[Click to enlarge image]
see when it pours out
Notice. the car should sit back on plain level to get the right oil level
DIY tooling ;)

The easier way is to fill from the top. In any way the car level sits none cambered as it should .
Use a bottle with hose like Urs from Switzerland did.

Another useful way to refill. Car on workshop hydraulic jack:

Martin at work with a third version. Pictures made by Steffen.
Thank you for the pictures :)

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