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Gasket changed stretch bolt trouble ? cam bolt trouble (VVC)
 K-Engine history @ Rob radiator plastic cap leaking hose broken radiator

The K-Series Engine head gasket failure at the MGF / TF

Most important prevention terms against the so called HGF:

- Check before you order any coolant system works whether your workshop knows what to notice immidiately. Coolant Bleed Instructions

- Take care on the coolant level in the expansion tank, special after all works at the coolant system
(- Retrofit the 2005 introduced coolant level sensor and new expansion bottle)

- Never run the cold engine above 3000 revs until you have got 90° Oil Temperature on the dial

- Take care on the coolant cap condition, but don't over tighten the cap

- Never fill the expansion tank above 1 cm over the seam lead

- Never park the car just with a hot engine after a hot ride but let it cool down to 100° Oil temperature before you shut down the engine.

- old MGF 120bhp with plastic manifold must get in the green coloured inlet manifold gasket to prevent the negine from coolant loss.

- Take care on the regular change sequence for cam belt AND the cam belt tensioner (60k mls or 5 years, whatever happens first)

- MGF until MGTF only, upgrade the under bonnet fuses for the radiator fan and A/C fan (if installed) ). (15Amp to 20Amp)

- MGF /TF before VIN 4D632424, get the new design coolant header tank with sensor to your coolant system

- MGF / TF before VIN 4D620xx get in the pressure relief thermostat (PRT) see alternative at Dave M. or here
- and if it has happened, get in the new design MLS head gasket with additional black shim and new oil rail
- check whether
the cylinder liners have the correct proud of app +0.1 mm each

Jons' problem on HGF

JF_mgfen.jpg (61932 bytes)

JF_Garage.jpg (46552 bytes)
JF_HeadGasket.jpg (32500 bytes)
JF_HeadGaskets.jpg (56548 bytes)
The new is a competition gasket
Jons VVC got a HGF. The repair with the competition HGlasted only 3000km.
Something went wrong.
Then it happened unfortionately again. When he turned the ignition off after driving home from work a cloud of steam came from the engine compartment.
JF_HGF.jpg (60457 bytes)
JF_HGF1.jpg (53033 bytes)
JF_HGF3.jpg (55620 bytes)
The gasket is visible as small brown stripe. The view of the leak is "as seen from above" (if that was possible).
JF_Fire_ring.jpg (66025 bytes)
JF_End_plate.jpg (63770 bytes)
JF_End_strip_removed.jpg (64889 bytes)
Thickness of firerings 1.6mm Endstrips 1.45mm I did try to remove the strips by drilling out the spot welds on an old gasket and it was fairly easy.
The head is off. The enclosed pictures tell the story. I measured the thickness of the fire rings. They are 1.6mm. The end strips are 1.45mm. The end plates have apparentlys not been tensioned between the head and the engine block because they have apparently been rubbing against the surfaces.
JF_Leaking_point.jpg (41647 bytes)
JF_Scuff_marks.jpg (57230 bytes)
JF_Liner_keepers.jpg (97946 bytes)

Jon thinks the reason for this failure is that there was still oil remaining in the cooling system from the last HGF. Back then the system was flushed with clean water and I was told not to carry out any further cleaning.

This time he'll try to find a cooling system cleaning chemical that is able to dissolve oil and do a proper clening before re-fill the system with antifreeze mixture.
JF_Leaking_point.jpg (41647 bytes)
JF_Scuff_marks.jpg (57230 bytes)
JF_Liner_keepers.jpg (97946 bytes)
Right now I'm undecided whether I should take the chance on modification by taking off the side strips or just put the new gasket in as is.
The engine is ready for assembly. If I just had any further references on the end strip mod I's sure be willing to try it.
A spare engine Rover 75, I think. This engine also
has a blown head gasket. I measured the head-to-block distance which was 1.3mm
which is 1/10mm less than the thickness of the end strips on my old gasket.
I cling to the theory that the oil in the cylinder head has done damage to the
replaced gasket seals. Or even acted as an heat insulator thus creating hot spots.

Pictures courtesy Jon Fredheim/Norway
Some more pictures from other cars

picture courtesy BANXX
picture courtesy Rüdiger Ewerth/La Palma
A modified gasket from Raceline is availiable for 150 quid. Made from thin spring steel layers without any silicon rubber.
See for their Elise Supersteel gasket

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Gasket changed !! (08/2001)

Thread: sump depth trouble ? (Mike Satur, 1.12.2001)

Raceline Steel Gasket Supersteel" head gasket at $150

Elring Article about new technology gaskets (added Jan 5, 2002)

some interesting stuff about measures etc. from another User of the Rover K-Engine, dated 2004

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News December 2009
the new MLS type from SAIC is different completley. It does not use a shim.
it has the oil rail, gasket and high tensile head bolts.Be aware the torque settings are different !
20Nm , 180 degrees then 135 degrees, new oil rail must get used.
Part number ZUA000530.

News March 2008
XParts created a Head gasket repair kit including the MLS (multilayer steel gasket) and oil rail.
Ask for p/n ZUA000080 gasket kit, including upper black shim, the MLS Gasket, thge oil rail, and all you need for a Head gasket repair at the 120 bhp old MGF version.
The kit will cost you about 180 EURO
The different gaskets for an VVC or ECD3 engine repair (MG TF) must be sourced as an extra. (for Inlet manifold etc.)

News 2006, January 31.
Land Rover introduced a new design Head Gasket and Oil Rail to improve the engine and decrease head gasket failures.
Land Rover p/n
New headgasket LVB500190 approx €44 + VAT (~£29+VAT)
New oil ladder LCN000140L approx €52 + VAT (~£34+VAT)

pictures courtesy (Dr.) Dave ......... , see the original thread at Forum

Land Rover have redesigned the K series 1.8 head gasket and upgraded the lower rail that the head bolts screw into.

The head gasket has lost it's elastomeric beads and now has a laminated type of construction and the lower rail is beefed up - it must have an effect upon the clamping load. Head torque figures remain unchanged.

Picture three shows the very thin metal coated shim that is fitted on top of the headgasket. <<< MGOC members only :(

 the Video
Tims MG-HG-Replacement Guide (Trophy 160 SE)
Cylinder liner position

Cylinder liner position is the distance that the liner protrudes above or is below the face of the cylinder block. Liners can be level with or 0.075mm (0.003in) above the face of the block.
If the liners have dropped below the block face, the engine must be replaced.

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