MGF TF Door Mirror (manual)

see here for the repair of a broken mirror back ;)

relase the clip careful release clips, starting on the left
Pictures courtesy Stefan Gibney
    Star shaped spring washer providing the adjustment force.
This spring force is responsible for keeping the mirror adjustment in place finally.


Motor assy of the electric mirror

    motor assy for door motor driven door mirror.
2 motors inside
    rear view
    front view
 Jay Smith, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

I had the same problem when I updated my mirrors in the summer, in the end I made my own wiring loom up.
The wires from the mirror's are:
Both Black-Heated mirror element
Brown+White-Vertical Axis
Blue+Grey-Horizontal Axis
Terminals on back of switch numbered 1-7
1- Vertical axis N/S
2- Vertical axis O/S
3- Common (ie return from both axis/mirror )
4- Feed supply to switch from fusebox
5- Horizontal axis O/S
6- Earth from switch
7- Horizontal axis N/S
 Loctite 319      

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