MGF on your Nokia 6xxx or Siemens S25 S45 Mobile

Siemens S45

Mobiltelefon npp/nol Logo

Copyright Fabrice Bihay
download nol/npp

(use right mousekey to copy)

LogoMan download
Nokia Logo Express download
V2.00b7 includes Tekram IR210b dongle support now
Nokia Cable Instructions useful for MGF Testbook too

DOS based Logo Upload proggy
works with Tekram IR210 !!

operator codes for net/country
262-07 Viag
262-03 E-plus
262-02 D2
262-01 D1

Siemens S25
Copyright Torsten Ohms
Click to download BMP

Mobiltelefon BMP Logo

Copyright Joerg Mueller (MGCC)
Another from Torsten and Timo

Click to download BMP
send by Email (depends on your Net-Provider) or send by infrared interface to the 61xx serie

Nokia 6150 totaly customised in BRG :))


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