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  Irgendwann im Bereich VIN 9000 wurde die Radhausabdeckung geaendert, Lippe hinzu At any time around VIN 9000 the wheelhouse cover got a 'lip'
Dichtung vorn OL & OR an Bj. 96 , von innen gesehen.
Dicht !!
Sealings Top Left & Top Right built 1996, seen from inside of the car.
Not leaking !
  Irgendwann im Bereich VIN 6000 wurde der Oeffnungswinkel der Heckklappe geändert At any time around VIN 6000 the angel for opening the bootlid got changed.
MGF Ergänzungen durch Zubehör, Original und selbstentwickelt
Alu-Riffelblech bei Daniel Bor Aluminum floor of Daniel Bor
  Becker Navigationssystem in Margaretes MGF Becker Navigation system in Margaretes MGF
  Mike Satur Cat saver Nuts
(Dieter) EZ 05/96
Mike Satur Cat saver Nuts
(Dieter) EZ 05/96

Nebelscheinwerfer bis MJ2000 XBQ100730
Nebelscheinwerfer ab MJ2000 XBQ100950

graugetönte Blinker MKII vorn + seitlich VUB105950 zu 40 EUR (nicht mehr erhältlich)

Fog lights until MJ2000 XBQ100730
Fog lights for MJ2000 XBQ100950

smoked indicators side & front VUB105950 for app. 27.5 UKP no longer availiable

  graugetönte Blinker MKII vorn einzeln !
rechts VUB101030 zu 43 EUR
links VUB101020 zu 43 EUR
(approved by bill)
smoked indicators front single !
right VUB101030 app 29 UKP
left VUB101020 app 29 UKP
Grill mit Sechseck Löchern Honeycomb grills (ask @ the BBS)

Carl grill
picture courtesy Carl, Sweden

Carl grill
Warum nicht preiswertes Streckmetall ?
Aluminium Streckmetall, sauber poliert und mit Farblosem Lack geschützt.
Why not use cheap aluminum stretch metal. Polish it and spray it with clear paint.
Right side image is the original from Rover
Zubehör Gitter von Rover Grill as Rover accessory
Thomas O. rear mesh

Scarlet Fever Heckgitter+ Daytona Auspuff

Thomas O. Heckgitter

Scarlets rear grill
+ Daytona Sports exhaust

and the mesh at Thomas O. MGF

Thomas O. rear mesh
Thomas O. rear mesh
Thomas O. Heckgitter the mesh at Thomas O. MGF
Christoph H.
für den CD Wechsler
bonnet box
Christoph H.
carries the CD changer
  Service Klappe .. anders herum Service flap changed direction
Links die Position des montieren Roll Lagerfußes am Hydragaskolben und Oberlenker

Rechts eine Fotomontage zum Vergleichen
grün, S= kurz
blau = L, Standard

Original Foto von Michael.Bender.

The left picture indicates the Roll bearings position between Hydragas piston and upper wishbone

The right picture is a grafic assembly to compare the low knuckle (left, green, S) with the standard one (right,blue,L)

Franz L. wide rims
Sorry, currently only Polaroid pictures

 - Felgen 9j x 16 ET15 & 7mm Distanzscheiben (ET8)
- Radbolzen verlängert/verstärkt
- Koni Dämpfer (6cm kürzer/5mm dickere Kolbenstange)
- Gummiklotz zur Federwegbegrenzung.
- Radläufe überarbeitet und Radhausabdeckung angepaßt
- Federung -80mm
- Reifen ....

Die Spurwerte
vorn beide -0°06'
hinten L +0°09' R +0°06'
Fahrachswinkel 2 minuten

- Fa. Hierl, in Hahnbach,
- Fa. Kerscher, in Rimbach Felgen

 - Rims 9j x 16 Offset 25 & Distance washers 7 mm (so 8mm Offset)
- Stronger/longer Wheel bolts
- Koni damper (6cm shortened, piston rod 5mm enhanced)
- added rubber pumpstop
- reworked wheel arch & cover
- suspension lowered 80mm without knuckle joint change.
- tyres...

The tracking
Front toe out total -0°06'
Rear toe in L +0°09' R +0°06'
Driving axle (straight ahead difference) 2 minutes


Copyright: Carl, Sweden


Spiegel Heizung abschatbar.

je ein Wippschalter mit sichtbarer roter Farbmarkierung, wenn die Heizung eingeschaltet ist. Leicht in die Türverkleidung einzubauen, oberhalb der Lautsprecher.

The mirrors heating elements are steady switched on.

Switch for the electric heated mirrors, on each door, assembled to the door cover just above the speaker. The switch has a red coloured dot when activated. The installation of this feature is easy. The wire that should be cut is easy to find when removing the door cover, nearby the mirrors.


Copyright: Carl, Sweden

Dieters MOMO

verkürzter Schalthebel.

Erspart vielleicht weitere Gedanken an das teuere quick shift set.

short gear stick.

Do it, and you probabbly will not longer miss the eyxpensive quick shift set.

Picture courtesy
Don Liang
Überrollbügel, mit integriertem Windschottgitter und klappbarem Plexi Windschott. Von Don konstruiert.
Überrollbügel mit Windstop
von Don Liang
Roll windstop. Mesh integrated to the hoops and Plexy - windstop flap. Designed by Don
availiable at Satur and Artra.
roll over bar with windstop, designed by Don Liang.

Pictures courtesy Petra B

Rover Chrombügel Rover chromium hoops
  Safety Device Überrollbügel Safety Device roll over bar
green cigarette lighter
green cigarette lighter
preiswerter Ersatz des Orangen Zigarettenanzünders aus dem Autozubehör Laden.
Die Klammern am Plastikring müssen für dicke Materialstärke nachefeilt werden
cheap amber replacement by a green ringed cigarette lighter from any car part shop. Early Rover had a green ring too. do look at crap yards. Attention the thick material at the MGFs tunnel. File both plastic clamps fitting to th thick material.
  Splitter sind angekommen Splitter arrived
  MVR Auspuff, sieht wie ein REMUS aus MVR exhaust, looks like a REMUS
  Nebelscheinwerfer Foglights at the MK1
  Thomas O. Felgen Rims of Thomas O.
  Chrome Rohre über den verzinkten Kopfstützen Streben Headrest studs covered with chrome plated pipes. Individual length related to tall driver and small co-driver
Pipe length max 90mm
  MG Logo in Kaufhaus Radkappe (Winterreifen)) MG wheel logo converted to cheap 14' wheel caps for winter tyres
  Selbstgebauter Spiegelhebel DIY mirror handle

K&N Standard Filter mit 10cm Anschlußrohr vom 57i Set im MPI.

Danke an Thomas O. für das Stück Rohr.

K&N Standard cone assembled with a 10cm pcs of hose from a 57i kit.

Thanks fly to Thomas O. for this little gift :)

  Fensterheber Ergänzungsmodul
85 EUR, geht in beide Richtungen
Window lift enhancement for one shot function into both directions (up/down)
  Auspuff-Flammrohr Befestigungswinkel gegen rappelndes Flammrohr GEX13002 Exhaust to Flexipipe bracket. Should help against a rattling flexipipe. GEX13002
  MJ2001 ab VIN 1D522572.
Neues MEMS3 und zusätzliche Sensoren. Hier die 2. Lambda Sonde. Schalldämpfer der bekannten Serien passen nicht, weil der Katalysator einen zusätzlcihen Bogen hat
MY2001 from VIN 1D522572 onwards has got a new designed ECU with additional Sensors. The well know aftermarket exhaust will not fit any longer, cause of the changed pipe at the new catalyst
      Bilstein/Spax Dämpfer, genutete/gebohrte Bremsscheiben,tiefergelegt, und Stahlflex Bremsleitungen gemacht bei Techspeed.
Machjt jeder gute Tuner ähnlich.

Wem die K-Engine zu schwach ist, der baut sich dann halt eine Honda Typ R Maschine mit 200PS ein..


Foto, Mike Satur, 2004

And if you are pi**d of K-Engine or have to much time and moneay...

Go and swap in a Honda Type R Engine.

Picture courtesy Mike Satur (2004)
Gerry Hiorns' and Mike Satur's project to fit a Honda Civic Type R engine into Gerry's "Golden Wheels.

mike on 29 November 2004 at 11:21:04 (UK time)
Guys, the 'reasons' we did this was to produce a car that was both very powerful but also very driveable.
Gerry has had numerous suspension,brake and cooling upgrades on the car and even had the stock engine upgraded the previous year so it was a reasonably quick safe car but lacked the edge it deserved.
I had already decided to replace my engine and gearbox in my F with a i-vtec from the new civic type R and Gerry voluanteered to be the guinea pig as he knew that by the time I had got round to installing mine as a'non paying customer' he would be too old to drive;-)and he needed a reason to spend the family inheritance. I agreed to swallow most of the development costs and did the work at weekends when the shop was closed. Gerry has an idea how much he has spent on it as he has purchased all the parts himself, I have mearly put it together to establish build time and prototyping .
There are several modifications to the standard car required before the conversion (really it is not a conversion but a different car) can be undertaken,brakes, suspension, cooling (rad and fan), fuel pump,gearlinkage,remote oil filter,drive shafts, exhaust manifold/ exhaust, cooling pipes, induction kit and engine and gearbox mounts.
Cost of the engine and gearbox with ancillaries can vary depending on the breakers yard but is comparable to buying a 6 speed gear box from Quaife...about 3k.(The earlier vtec engines are not suitable as they rotate anti-clockwise and the gearbox is on the rhs)
As a conversion to other customers the components can be productionised but still low volume high cost parts.That said I will be making enough 'specialised parts', such as drive shafts, to make up 6 kits. I don't know if we will offer this as a inhouse install due to the day to day work we have and another 'special' I am building. If I had to stab at the costs for a total package fitted(supply engine g/boxetc), not including brakes and suspension then £8.5k would be a ball park figure and we would not install it without the suspension and brakes being brought up to standard,with this conversion the car will pull 8000 in 6th and the 0-60 time is sub 6sec, so it is not safe without the extra work. (BTW the reason there are quite a few Type R's in breakers yards is because the handling and braking is not good enough for the speed of the car IMO)

Any body looking at doing this would get the same answer I used to say to people wanting to 'invest' in a classic car rebuild, it isn't an investment it is a hobby and hobbies cost money;-)


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