MGF & ARTRA FoxSter Roll Windstop
Limited edition of 100

some of the pictures can be enlarged

I got this nice MGF enhancement from my dear wife for my 48th birthday
The above car doesn't exist any longer. I unfortunately crunched the car six month later, but survived the roll over accident non-hurt

main frame
first look
how it arrived directly from Taiwan
Kit package No. 2. All parts secure packed in foam bags
multifunction alloy main frame, individual marked with a serial Number
The first try :)
it waits on getting assembled
off the T-Bar
One of two clips got broken, Oh, its an MG :) ... or my poor craftmans skills, who knows ...
A load of stainless steel bolts, washers, nylock nuts and studs :)
a node to the seatbelt and off the bolt with a Torx 50 driver bracket at the seatbelt runway. The Jigsaw will cut you soon :))))
loosening the belt at the seat, a really boring job....
You need a T50 wrench
Loosen the doofers bolts and take care of the rear fixture plate directing the screw driver to the T-Bars center hole & the screw to the main frame
Right hand and left hand sides gap of the T-Bar to the door sealing. Everything was OK and much easier as it looks here.

centering the T-Bar to the door seals,
then the Main Frame to the T-Bar center.
New fixture holes to the T-Bar in equal distance to the edges

The following works to the T-Bar took a long time of cutting, but I enjoyed it :))

template sticker, secure is secure, better check double and triple before anything goes wrong at the later cutting of U-shapes preparing the template sticker, for pasting it to the T-Bar. At first bend it sharp at the position of the center hole and then only cut the cover paper on the bottom side. The pasted sticker. The ends at the right and left side shape are a bit long, but indicate to cut parallel along the rear edge of the T-Bar shape depth parallel to the rear edge, here indicated by the red marks
A M4 long threaded bolt screwed to the mainframes centre hole is vital to direct the cut works in a closed loop by cut, check, cut.
... works like building a sculpture. :o)
  the top view indicates on each interference  
shapes seen from out of the cars inner side   2mm gap between the mainframe and the T-Bar foam should be ... but who cares, I am a 'small mashine engineer' and count in 1/10th mm... *g*  
90 percent ready, hoops to bolt on from below, carpet to cut, windstop hinges to assemble   final carpet cut works  
With hoops only, at the river 'Aller' north of Hannover
special minds go to this hill at my birthplace. :) My father worked here 20 years ago and I often brought him his lunch
three month later I unfortunately had a strong roll over accident. Survived non-hurt.


The roll hood cover does not fit any longer. The above image indicates the interference at the outer right and left hoop base. Don Liang will introduce a light fabric RHC soon

Anyway, the TUEV individual approval was done without Roll Hood Cover ;-)
This is another installation of our omnibus purchase.
Customised windmesh, complete sprayed in volcano orange

Sorry, the weather here is currently only good for garage photos
*g* I'm not that chrome shine lover, .. lets see how to customise the windmesh to my individual requirements. May be I'll let it spray in BRG with PU-paint to match my MGFs colour, but only the outer chrome shining bow, not the black mesh in my case. :))

I needed about 6 hours including the photos for completing the works..
The purchase was done as omnibus purchase, organized by a german chap. Thanks fly to my wife Rosi, to Karsten who made 'the stone rolling' and Matthias and some more friends.

Now I customised the shining mesh frame to anthracite colour. :))

The hinges got sprayed in black colour.

ARTRA No 92 installed in May 2001 at Nikolaijs MGF.

The German TÜV authority released this job in individual case.
I required to
- show at the first date the manual
- show at the second date the parts and what to cut
At that date the expert niggled at the acrylic windstop the missing EC-approval statement to the material.
I found a solution (not for public eyes).

things to do
- pay EUR36 for the entry to the 'Fahrzeugbrief' after release of TUEV
- get (later)a new 'Fahrzeugschein' based on the now changed 'Fahrzeugbrief' from the car registration office

The Original Foxster

all other availiable stuff is not designed with CAD and for my knowledge not calculated by 'finite elements'

Material no longer available:

The Original Part Design from ARTRA and Don Liang has no relation to other similar part !!

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© 30.03.00/01.08.00 Thanks fly to the friends from the MG Cars BBS,
to Karsten and friends who made this group purchase from Taiwan possible and to the friendly TÜV expert and to Erik who took my old windstop :)

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