MGF/TF Hood Proof

See how to clean the rear plastic window

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GAC6104 Hood Cleaner
app. 8.5 EURO
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GAC6105 Impregnator
app. 16 EURO

Official advise from MGR is to use their released products.
Seen here on the left. Not so good products if the fabric got

- remove dust etc. at first mechanical with a smooth brush and vacuum cleaner
- wash the roof with released hood cleaner
- impregnate with released stuff

Take care in any way not to apply any other chemicals like fuel or alcohol.
The impregator must not get on the sprayed body, cause it will leave bad stains!!

For rubber seals treatment at the hood or doors and windows use KRYTOX, MGR p/n CYK100050
Some friends found stuff from Halfords useful, if released to impregnate FABRIC hoods
Notice: never use Vinyl Hood fluid. The MGF has a fabric hood.
Below a sample on how to cover the car and the recomendation
for RENOVO products from Jamie and Bruce ( MGCARS BBS UK)
This stuff contents colour pigments and renews the look of the hood. Availiable in several colours.

Renovo gibt es in DE zum Beispiel hier: (Stoffdach Produkte)
Autoglym does a Fabric Hood Maintenace Kit.
For app. GBP 18 it comprises two bottles and one foam applicator. One bottle of cleaner and one bottle of proofer.

Reviver 12 GBP/0.5lGBP/1l
Ultra Proofer 20

Caramba Sprüh-Imprägnierung 250ml '
4,10 EURO
83 12 9 407 802 BMW Anleitung  
Bruce C. recommends
Undo the catches in the hoodwell and lift the hood at the back enough to slide a sheet under it and then redo the catches so the sheet is trapped. Do similar at the front so that a sheet is trapped by the side windows and the front catches. Wear old clothes and brush on the liquid very carefully to prevent splashing. It runs off the hood very readily so be prepared to catch the runs with the brush and re spread

David Jamieson
used Renovo. As far as I can remember it is also for use on the inside of the hood, even if only to enhance colour and lessen the chance of water seeping through.
It was a bit of a nightmare to remove as it is very watery and ran down all the drainage channels. All the same its worth the hassle. I suggest removing the hood !!!!! I have pictures of before and after, and even indication on how I masked the car up prior to application.
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David Jamieson MGF
'before' 1

David Jamieson MGF 'before' 2
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Coat Tape & Newspaper 1
Coat Tape & Newspaper 2
David Jamieson MGF 'after' 1
David Jamieson MGF 'after' 2

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