MGF / TF Colours and Paint Codes

The MGF uses standard Rover external paint colours (or at least a few of them), and standard Rover paint codes. These are three-letter codes stamped on the car identification plate under the bonnet, along with the three-letter trim codes. Both paint codes and trim codes represent the basic colour, the marque identifier, and the colour/shade. Thus all greens begin with H, all reds with C, etc. All paint options are available to both 1.8i and VVC models, and the later MK2 1.8i Steptronic, unless stated otherwise.

Colour Code and VIN

All car bodies are delivered unpainted from Mayflower in Coventry to the Rover factory at Longbridge, and then to the paint shop.

Reputedly one could have the car painted at Longbridge in any colour one wished, at a cost according to who was telling the story varying from two to three thousand pounds. I'm not aware of any non-standard colour ever leaving the factory (on production cars, that is), but I may be wrong. There are, of course, many cars finished in quite bizarre colours once they were away from the safe haven of Rover's paint shop.

External colours are solid, metallic and pearlescent. Metallic and pearlescent have a clear coat finish and subsequently glitter with a cursory wash. All colours are water based, and have quite rightly acquired a reputation of being rather soft.

Unless stated to the contrary all cars were produced with a black mohair hood and a black vinyl half-tonneau (hood cover).

When the F was announced in March 1995 the pre-production literature listed a quite basic range of only five colours, Flame Red, White Diamond, British Racing Green and Amaranth. However the 1996 brochures show a far more comprehensive range. The first production F off the line - which went to Gaydon Motor Museum - was finished in Flame Red. With production in full flow the standard set of paint codes and colours was:

Solid Metallic Pearlescent
COF Flame Red
(7544) -500978
HAM British Racing Green
(16634) -501367
CAQ Nightfire Red
(2989) -522503
NAL White Diamond
(1545) -500787
LVD Charcoal Black
(2842) -30420
JRJ Tahiti Blue
(6996) - 527228
. . MNX Platinum Silver
(9303) 527218
KMN Amaranth
(2016) -41639
. . . . EAC Volcano
(1125) -502206

By 1998 both the solid colours had been replaced with fresher variants, Anthracite had replaced Charcoal in the metallics, and BRG had moved up a shade to join the pearlescents. Amaranth and Volcano, never too popular, had been dropped for a deep purple Morello, which would prove to be just as short-lived as its precursors:

Solid Metallic Pearlescent
CMU Solar Red
(2302) - 527219
LQW Anthracite
(4265) - 527190
HFF British Racing Green
(5404) - 527193
NNX Old English White
(298) - 527033
MNX Platinum Silver CAQ Nightfire Red
. . . . JRJ Tahiti Blue
. . . . CMV Morello
(260) -508936

During 1997/8 a solid green variant, so dark as to be almost black, with a beige hood and tonneau cover and walnut leather interior, was successfully introduced in the German market as the Brookland. With few changes it was subsequently released in the UK in 1998 as the first limited edition F, the Abingdon. The German car was a 1.8 only, while the UK had 350 1.8 and 150 VVCs.

Solid . .
HYF Brooklands Green
(2156) - 500398
. . . .

In midsummer 1999 the MGF evolved into the mildly spruced-up MK2, or 2000MY, version, thus labelling all that went before as MK1. The end of the MK1 was marked by a 75th anniversary (of MG, that is) Limited Edition of 2000 cars, with 500 marked for the UK. The 75 LE had a Grenadine Red leather interior with a black hood/tonneau for red cars and a red hood/tonneau for black cars. Silver cars were available overseas only.

Solid Metallic Pearlescent
PAK Black
(383) -511057
MNX Platinum Silver CDM Mulberry
(373) - 511047

The MK2 gained two new colours, Alumina Green and Sienna Gold, and lost the ill-fated Morello. Hoods continued to be black. MK2 colours are:

Solid Metallic Pearlescent
CMU Solar Red LQW Anthracite HFF British Racing Green
NNX Old English White MNX Platinum Silver CAQ Nightfire Red
. . HFH Alumina Green
(536) -526985
JRJ Tahiti Blue
. . . . GUF Sienna Gold
(548) -527098

By September 2000 yet another special edition had arrived, the imaginatively named MGF SE, available in 1.8i, VVC and 1.8i Steptronic form. Among its many features was the quite striking duck-egg blue paintwork. The UK market took 500 of the 2000 SE's made.

. . Pearlescent
. . . . JBH Wedgewood Blue
(649) 523851

The first development of the F under MG Rover Ltd., in March 2001, was the Trophy 160 SE, a 160 bhp VVC with significant engine, transmission and bodywork modifications. This flagship F, intended to put the F back into the public's eye, had two new colours (appropriately described as vibrant) as well as two old favourites. The UK market again took 500 of the 2000 Trophy's made.

App. counts due to 68000 made MGF until 2001
36,2% -green
18,8% -red
14,1% -blue
13,6% -silver
11,0% -black
2,7% -white
1,6% -volcano
0,5% -Mulberry
0,4% -Morello

Solid Metallic Pearlescent
CMU Solar Red LQW Anthracite FAR Trophy Yellow
(166) -527083
. . . . JFV Trophy Blue
(3) - 525084

Accompanying the Trophy was the entry-level 1600 cc F, .

Solid Metallic Pearlescent
. . JFK

Hawaiian blue met

. .
JFR Bermuda blue

MGTF colour codes

Solid Metallic Pearlescent
NDJ Dover White MBB Starlight Silver .. Pearl Black
. Tempest Grey LEF X-Power Grey . Royal Blue
IAC Sunspot yellow . Le Mans Green CDX Copper Leaf
    IAT Chagall    

Update 01/2004
The momograms regarding a post from Alan Dunlop to the BBS are:
Typhoon and Spectre
Glacier, Gulf Stream, Mirage, Sunspot.
Bacchus, Bio-morhic, Black olive, Celestial, Chagall, Chatsworth, Garnet, Jubilee, Lagoon, Nightshade, Nocturne, Orange Grove, Saffron and Spice.

Update 07/2004
MG Rover Group’s Monogram Bespoke Build programme was created to allow customers to specify features not normally available as part of a manufacturer’s specification. Carrying the personalisation theme through to the interior, a wide range of leather and Alcantara® interior trims are available for selection. Add to this the ability to use the ‘Personal Line’ option to colour-key the car’s fascia, steering wheel, door casings and other interior components, and bespoke build reaches new heights.
Colour-keyed Alcantara® door casing inserts and alternative fascia finishes are also available to complete the interior integration.

Monogram paint range for 2004 MG and Rover cars

Chromescent colours use extremely high concentrations of pigment to deliver dramatic colour shift or holographic paint effects.
Bittersweet - Golden yellow with green ‘flip’
Moonshine - Silver with shifting spectral highlights
Shot Silk - Emerald with purple flip

Chromactive colours contain multi-layered pigment flakes with special reflective qualities.
Aurora Crimson to orange ‘travel’
Dark Fantasy Black to purple to bronze travel
Poseidon Dark blue to purple over olive travel
Twilight Brighter blue to purple travel

Kinetic colours demonstrate a subtle multi-layer colour effect.
Atmosphere Light to mid blue with gold highlights
Gulf Stream Smokey slate shifting to olive and grey-blue
Moody Blue Grey-blue with gold highlights
Sunspot Pearlescent yellow with ochre and citrus effects

Supertallic is a range of distinctive metallics, and micatallics for a pearlescent effect. 
Aubergine - Rich aubergine
Black Olive - Luxuriant dark green with movement to black
Caledonian Lilac
Chatsworth Elegant classic gold
Horizon Pretty light blue

Monogram Colours MGTF
IAA Spectre
IAB Typhoon
IAC Sunspot
IAD Glacier
IAE Chatswood
IAF Biomophic - Bright metallic green
IAG Nightshade -Lustrous black with blue highlights
IAH Black Olive
IAI Celestial - Bright light blue
IAJ Saffron
IAK Garnet -Rich glowing red
IAL Jubilee
IAM Gulfstream
IAN Lagoon- Colourful turquoise
IAO Bacchus
IAP Nocturne - Greyed off mid-dark blue
IAQ Spice
IAR Orange Grove - Strong tangerine
IAS Mirage 3 coat)
IAT Chagall - Warm strong mid blue
IAU Mirage (2 coat)

Edition Spark 2004
LEF X-Power grey,
CEV = Firefrost Red
AWZ000630 = Aerosol
AWZ000690 = Paint Stick

JHG = Sonic Blue
AWZ000760 = Aerosol
AWZ000770 = Paint Stick

CEV Metallic - Firefrost red
Metallic - Platinum gold
JHG Metallic - Sonic blue
Metallic - Starlight silver
Metallic - XPower grey
Pearl - Black pearl
Pearl - British racing green
Pearl - Ignition blue
Pearl - Royal Blue
Solid - Rio red

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Paint-pencil/colour code and P/N

- KMN Amaranth AWZ100770
- LQW Anthracite AWZ101270
- HAM British Racing Green 2 AWZ100790
- HYF Brooklands Green, - Limited Edition in Brooklands Green AWZ101200
- LVD Charcoal AWZ100620
- COF Flame Red XAP39C
- NNX Old English White., AWZ100540
- CAQ Nightfire Red 2, AWZ100800
- EAC, Volcano AWZ100910
- NAL White Diamond 2, AWZ100700
- MNX Platinum Silver, AWZ100810
- JRJ Tahiti Blue, VEP100220
- CMV Morello Purple, AWZ101780
- HFF British Racing Green 3, AWZ101790
- CMU Solar Red, AWZ101800
- CDM Mulberry Red, - 75th Anniversary AWZ101760
- PAK Black 2, - 75th Anniversary AWZ100780
- GUF Sienna Gold, AWZ102030
- HFH Alumina Green, AWZ102040
- CDX, Copperleaf Red AWZ101520
- JFV Trophy Blue - Trophy AWZ000060
- FAR Trophy Yellow - Trophy AWZ000070
- LEF X Power Grey,AWZ000120
- MBB Starlight Silver, AWZ000180
- NDJ Dover White, AWZ000190
- CBT Nightfire Red 3, AWZ000200

Paint-aerosol spray
- KMN, Amaranth AWZ100720
- LQW Anthracite, AWZ101290
- HAM, British Racing Green 2 AWZ100740
- HYF Brooklands Green, - Limited Edition in Brooklands Green AWZ101170
- LVD Charcoal AWZ100610
- COF Flame Red XAP39A
- CAQ Nightfire Red 2, AWZ100750
- NNX Old English White., AWZ100580
- EAC Volcano AWZ100900
- NAL White Diamond 2, AWZ100670
- MNX Platinum Silver, AWZ100760
- JRJ Tahiti Blue, AWZ100040
- CMV Morello Purple, AWZ101720
- HFF British Racing Green 3, AWZ101730
- CMU Solar Red, AWZ101690
- CDM Mulberry Red, - 75th Anniversary AWZ101700
- PAK Black 2, - 75th Anniversary AWZ100730
- GUF Sienna Gold, AWZ102000
- HFH Alumina Green, AWZ102010
- CDX, Copperleaf Red AWZ101590
- JFV Trophy Blue - Trophy AWZ000030
- FAR Trophy Yellow - Trophy AWZ000040
- JFM Royal Blue, AWZ000020
- LEF X Power Grey, AWZ000110
- MBB Starlight Silver, AWZ000220
- CBT Nightfire Red 3, AWZ000230
- NDJ Dover White, AWZ000250

Sort by Andrew Phillips:

HFH Alumina Green
KMN Amaranth
LQW Anthracite
IBC Atmosphere
IBE Aubergine
IAX Aurora
IAO Bacchus
JFR Bermuda Blue
IAF Bio-Morphic Green
IAZ Bittersweet
PAK Black
IAH Black Olive
HAM BRG (Metallic)
HFF BRG (Pearlescent)
HYF Brooklands Green
IBG Caledonian
IAI Celestial Blue
IAT Chagall
LVD Charcoal
IAE Chatsworth
CDX Copper Leaf Red
IBA Dark Fantasy
NDJ Dover White
CEF Firefrost Red
COF Flame Red
IAK Garnet
IAD Glacier
HQM Goodwood Green
IAM Gulf Stream
JFK Hawiian Blue
IBF Horizon
JGY Ignition Blue
IAL Jubilee
IAN Lagoon
HFN LeMans Green
IAU Mirage (2 coat)
IAS Mirage (3 coat)
IBD Moody Blue
IBB Moonshine
CMV Morello
CDM Mulberry
CAQ Nightfire Red
IAG Nightshade
IAP Nocturne
NNX Old English White
IAR Orange Grove
PBT Pearl Black
MNX Platinum Silver
IAW Posiedon
JFM Royal Blue
IAJ Saffron
IAY Shot Silk
GUF Sienna Gold
CMU Solar Red
JHG Sonic Blue
IAA Spectre
IAQ Spice
MBB Starlight Silver
IAC Sunspot Yellow
JRJ Tahiti Blue
JFV Trophy Blue
FAR Trophy Yellow
IAV Twilight
IAB Typhoon
EAC Volcano
JBH Wedgewood Blue
NAL White Diamond
LEF X-Power Grey

see the comprehensive collection of coulors at Pete MGF-TF-CENTRAL.CO.UK and at the T-Bar Forum

2008 MG TF LE500
xxx 25 Crystal White
xxx 75 Vibrant Orange
xxx 75 Scorched Red
xxx 100 Graphite Grey
xxx 100 Intense Blue
xxx 125 Raven Black

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