MGF Fenster rappelt/window rattles
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Here are a few pictures which Spyros took of the window guide. Maybe they will help others with window rattles:
Notice, this may only be one of several different reasons for rattling screens.
(Sometimes it helps to just re-align the below mentioned window guide bracket)

Spyros wrote:
This guide has a part attached to it (on the right of the picture) that is riveted in place and is allowed to move in one direction to allow for "depth" adjustment. I found the this joint was a bit worn and allowed a bit of play causing the window to rattle in all positions (at first it only rattled when fully down, but later it gor worst). I removed the guide from the car and drilled an extra hole for a small bolt and nut which now complements the rivet. It still allows for depth adjustment but it has to be done before fitting the guide back in the door. The window is now completely noise free.

  Is the guide in place in the door. Before removing the three bolts that hold it in place mark their position with a marker so that you do not have to re-adjust the window all over again afterwards. You must also loosen the bolt that holds the window slider on the guide. It takes some effort but you can remove the guide without having to remove anything else.
784   the guide is out of the door.
787   This one shows the rivet that is a bit loose (and my hand).
790   This shows the holes I drilled in the guide. Note that I made them wide so that you can still adjust the depth of the window. Be careful the guide is made of really soft metal and drills very easily.
793 and 795
  hese show the bolt in place from above and below. Note that you must tighten the bolt at the correct adjustment place before you put the guide back into the door.
pictures courtesy Spyros A. Papageorghiou, 17.11.01

Rechte Tür.

Right door mechanic.
Notice: the direction of the parts can be wrong, cause I can't recall it.
Die obere Schiene mit einem der Scheibenhalter The upper screen mechanic bar. The mechanic 'X' seams to be clipped on
3 Führungsschiene und Schlitten

guide and slide
The white plastic U-shape is supported by a 1.5mm thin black foam. (see left top)


von oben gesehen. Kunststoff (weiß) läuft auf der Schiene

seen from above.
5 die weissen Kunstofführungen sind wechselnd oben vorn bzw. unten hinten mit Moosgummi gefedert- Da könnte man was unterlegen. the white colourted U-shapes run on the metal lead. The are supported by small thin foam rubber pcs. on the top rear and on bottom front. The U-Shape plastic can be fiddled out

Die Schiene und der Schlitten im Ganzen. (Scheibe fehlt rechts)

The guide rail and the slide. The screen is missing.
Window adjustment

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