Original and aftermarket Windstop
DIY simple windstop #1

MGF Windstop made in Norway

It is very easy to fit (less than five seconds), the degree of draft (wind in the hair) can be adjusted while driving by raising or lowering the screen which also easily can be pulled out and stowed away while driving with the soft top erected, giving access to the area above the engine cover.

A perspex sheet 80x30cm,
an old side window seal,
a piece of wood 900x20x20mm,
15 cm of velcro strip,
four small wood screws,
a length of u-shaped steel profiles,
a strap and four female press studs is what the Norwegian style windstop is made from.

The pictures speak for themselves, I think. The U-channel is cut and welded to make the sides of the half-frame in which the windstop screen can be raised or lowered. A bracket for the press studs to fix it to the T-bar is welded on in a suitable position.

The wooden part of the frame is cut to fit exactly between the walls above the engine cover. Velcro on the underside gives sufficient adhesion to the carpet to keep it sufficiently rigid.

Lifting the screen is done by pulling the strap. The posistion of the press studs on the straps determines the height.

Jon Fredheim, March 2002

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