Terms of the chassis measurement

Brake tension adjuster

The brake tension adjuster prevents an unreeling of the wheels during the impact routine. It is clamped between brake pedal and driver's seat.

Determination bars

In order to prevent a way swimming of the vehicle on the low-friction trick and sliding supports during the tuning, an adjustment on the measuring position is possible.
In addition within the area of the front and rear axle in transverse direction a determination bar is attached in each case. The determination bars are for this purpose in the length adjustably and reciprocally equipped with clamping pliers, which are taped at the wheel deflector of the measuring stage/measuring pit and within the oh area of the vehicle.

Splash!It is to be made certain that the attachment does not take place at a mobile landing gear part.

universal instrument holder

This holder fits on all steal and aluminum rims of 10 " until 17.5 ". By tricks of a screw pillar in the center axle the measuring instrument owner is fast from the outside inward - or in reverse - autocentering on the rim strained.
The versatile applicable retaining claws and the rubberized thrust pieces permit the most different stretching versions of the measuring instrument holder, also at exotic light alloy wheels.
In the case of use of the universal instrument holderthe compensation of the wheel runout is always necessary.

Measuring sensor

The measuring sensors are led by means of a plug gauge into the center drilling of the brand-specific quick-lamping unit or a universal quick-lamping unit. They are clamped by a capstan-head screw to the clamping unit.
At the top side of the measuring sensor is a small spirit level for the horizontal adjustment.
The current supply of the measuring sensor is made by means of inserted Akkus or by interwiring to the equipment cabinet.
The chassis measured values become by optical measurement by means of 2 CD LINE CAMERAS each (load coup LED DEVICES = charge-coupled photo items) and 4 sources of infra-red light in each measuring sensor determined. A camera sits in the main housing, second in the arm. Each CD CAMERA is lit up alternating of 2 IR sources of light; this requires a skew of the CD LINES in the cameras around 45 " to the two light beams. A source of light within the camera radiates directly from above on the CD LINE. This source of light is built in a pendulum and serves for the measurement of fall or spreading.
The second light beam falls from the opposite measuring sensor in horizontal direction toward the same CD LINE and serves the measurement of the spurwinkel.

The CD CAMERA LINE is divided into 1024 segments lying side by side. From the irradiation intensity on the different segments jet deflection and thus the appropriate angle can be calculated. Becomes over an upstream lens, which reduces the punctiform light beam to a line, and which obtains ability of camera electronics downstream to detect the brightest area of the light line a very high accuracy.
The individual control processes and data streams will transfer by means of infra-red light between the measuring sensors and the recipient in the equipment cabinet.

Universal quick clamp unit

The Quickspanneinheiten is universally usable for all wheels with the rim diameter of 10 " to 20 ". The owners are to be fastened by simply stretching of the grab arms in the tire tread. The three plastic system pins adjustable on the necessary rim diameter avoid damages on painted or light alloy wheels.
For modern light alloy wheels with extremely flat wheel run flange there are plug-on accessory cases, so that the Quickclampunit at practically all wheels finds a safe, fixed stop.

Short or long sliding supports

The two short sliding supports with a disk length of 450 mm indicate a range of rotation of + / - 10°, so that during the adjusting tread width by individually hung up and adjustable rear wheels a free rotating motion of the Rades is enabled.
The two long sliding supports against it indicate a disk length of 1050 mm with a range of rotation of + 2.5°. Both sliding supports are appropriate and with 2 shank end screws each for the anchorage on the measuring position equipped for a max. wheel load of 1000 kg.

brand-specific fast clamping units

The brand-specific fast clamping units become strained as connecting link between wheel and measuring sensors with two lengthen-adjustable grab arms to the wheel. The system at the wheel is manufactured depending upon type of rim over four or five plungers, which rest by adapter drillings through directly against the wheel hub. Thus it is ensured that between measuring sensors and wheel no winkelfehler in track (horizontal) or camber (vertical) can develop.

The brand-specific fast clamping units, for which a wheel runout compensation is not necessary, there are only for vehicles, their rims the appropriate adapter drillings indicates (at present BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche).

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