Terms of the chassis measurement

axle measuring computer

axle measuring computer ml-4000

The axle measuring computer is a measuring system for the measurement and adjustment of passenger car chassis under workshop conditions. It enables the entry of all important chassis data in the comparison of nominal and actual values. Further it offers information about the preparing work before the measurement and shows diagrams with texts for the work on the different driving points.
In the equipment cabinet the computer for the measured variable processing, the color monitor, is which integrates DIN-A4-Drucker and the control tray. In the lateral recesses of the equipment cabinet the measuring sensors are hung up and loaded.
The operation of the device takes place by means of plunger on the withdrawable tray. Are subdivided in the screen surface, chassis diagrams, function keys and keyboard.
The display cursor is positioned by the movement of the plunger on the screen surface. In this way the different points of program and the vehicle specifications are selected.

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