Terms of the chassis measurement


the angle of inclination of the wheel to the vertical. The inclination outward means a positive sign, a wheel inclination above inward receives a minus sign above.
The dive angle changes with the turn, therefore the Camber angle measurement takes place, "travel straightforward, " or with special manufacturer regulation with " track 0 ". negative camber increases the side guiding force of the wheel with driving along curves. A falsely adjusted camber (excessive value positively or negatively) leads to one-sided tire wear.
In order to avoid a one-sided pulling of an axle, no larger camber difference than max. 30 angle minutes should be available between the two wheels of this axle.

Front wheels have usually an easily negative camber, while rear wheels are usual a clearly negative camber angle.

MGF camber , see also descriptions on Robert Bells Homepage

front -100' ... 000'
rear - 130' ... -030'

That does´nt work. Camber = 0. In curves driving only on the outer side of the wheel.

  when rolling over a stone when driving in a curve
Verbundlenker-axle with two equal long wishbones


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