MGF TF coolant expansion tank cap

The header tank cap

P/N PCD100160 or GRC1184 (Unipart)

I promised to have a look to the cap interals the other day and took the option to cut an old from 1996 and a newer with white dot from 2001 today. My beloved hacksaw did the job.

Now what is it all about ?
My conclusion. They changed nothing then the quality of the´inner valve.
The old seamed to be made on broken or misaligned press tooling. In comparision, the new inner parts have sharp defined layers where the rubber seals rest on.

The big spring looks different from the pictures but they aren't. Both are from the same wire diameter (1.8mm and have nearly the same count of turns (5 3/4 the old, 5 1/2 is the new). The force to bring it down is the same.

At last my thoughts to the official bulletin from 1998. They advised the workshops to look after a misaligned inner rivet and change the cap if applicable.
I'm sorry for shouting, but that was IMO complete bullsh*t !!

So I still wish to replace the whole sh*t expansion tank against a different with a good old metal cap. Ford Granada was an option found in last year, but I still got didn't get one. Another could be the tank from the MG RV8.

Update 2005.
New expansion tank with additional level sensor introduced to the MGTF. Red light on low level in the instrument pack

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cap with white dot and new coolant type surround (O.A.T) expansion tank Expansion tank level marks. Keep the level just near the Max. mark and never overfill.
The parts
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new in front old and new white dot + old white dot + old
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white dot + old    
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They just reworked the tooling and put a white dot on the correct made parts.
what was that silly advise good for ?
For nothing !!
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For MGTF MY2005 was a new expansion tank introduced.
This includes a coolant level sensor and replaces the old header tank.

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