MGF / TF Hardtop

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Old Hardtop pre 97 conversion to new design after 1997

Window Adjustment
Ein Griff hinten in der Mitte und vorn links Grip to the rear centre and to the front LH
Ein Mann zur Demontage One man to remove
Guido Weitz bei der Arbeit Guido Weitz in action
Zwei Mann zur Montage two men to assemble
HT Stecker. Dort zu finden HT connector location
   Lagerung Storage
Haltewinkel zur Wandmontage des Hardtop
Siehe Hardtop Wandhalter Montageanleitung
Teil 2
wall mount brackets
See hardtop bracket instruction
Part 1
Part 2
Ein Flaschenzug gefällig ? The american way of a hard top storage option.
5   Offizielle Montageanleitung Official Instructions
Thanks to Leigh Reigh


flip back the spring
turn nut LH to tighten, turn RH to make loose,
flip back the spring an try.
Repeat if needed


Softtop and hardtop front catch
To VIN 24604
DXW100160PMA Catch assembly-front header - RH
DXW100170PMA Catch assembly-front header - LH
from VIN 24605
DXW100280PMA Catch assembly-front header - RH
DXW100290PMA Catch assembly-front header - LH


YWB10012 Relay, normally £10.70
This relay is a standard and also availiable cheaper at any other place

Mini-Relais for late MGTF
YWB000440 Mini-Relay heated rear window

YUG101480PMA Switch-HRW £ 5.84
Switch Partnumber for MK1 MGF
Notice, MK2 has a different switch since VIN YD511059.
YUG102570PMP Switch-HRW
for MY2000 MGF and MGTF
MGTF MY2004 changed the relay to Mini-Relay

Relay panel at late MG TF

Hardtop rear side catch (adjustable)

blöde Idee ??

Projekt für den nächsten Winter ?
Webasto machts möglich
mad idea and project for next summer ;-)

Picture of the yellow HT,
courtesy Krafthaus UK


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