MGF / TF Hardtop conversion

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Old Hardtop pre 97 conversion picture gallery
Window Adjustment

    Umbau/Unterschiede Conversion/differences
Linke Seite von schräg unten.
Diese Gummidichtung ersetzte eine Schaumgummidichtung, die nur bei den allerersten HTs montiert wurde.
Rot: Der Frässchnitt wurde ebenfalls zu dieser Zeit angebracht um die Anpassung der Form an das Chassis zu erleichtern.
Grün: Die Gummiklötze verhindern, dass die hintere Kante auf dem Schassis aufstößt.
Left hand seen from below.
The early foam sealing was replaced by this form rubber hose sealing.(DSF101140 PMD - Seal hardtop)
A saw cut (red arrows) added as well.
Green arrow shows to the left hand rubber pad.
Hardtop Klemme bei alten Typen Hardtop catch at old hardtops
Neue Form der Klemme new hardtop catch version with adjust bolts and cambered joint
I guess that this change occured in the beginning of 1997.
Neue Klemme eingerastet New catch closed. See the height adjust joint.
9     The hardtop has a sequence number. It is written by hand to the right and left side of the B-frame

Modifications at newer HTs
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Yellow the added brackets
green the both gaps at newer HTs

Hardtop von alt nach neu

DSF101140 PMD - Hardtop-Dichtung
DXW 100200PMA - Spannhalter hinten...2 Stck.
DYQ 100340 - Blind-Nieten () 4 Stck.

DSF 101280PMD - Dachholmdichtung (rechte Seite) EUR 50
DSF 101290PMD - Dachholmdichtung (linke Seite) EUR 50
DSZ 100160 - Dichtungshalter (Dachholm).2 Stck. EUR 12
DSZ 100150 - Dichtungshalter (B-Säule).2 Stck. EUR 13
EAM 6543 - Faserdichtungen...4 Stck. EUR 0,30
DYQ 100340 - Blind-Nieten () 4 Stck. EUR 1,90
HT Umbau PDF

Hard Top conversion from old to new type.

DSF101140 PMD - seal rear hardtop
DXW100200PMA - Catch rear......2 off req.
DYQ100340 - Rivet (rear catch) 4 off req.

DSF101280PMD - Seal cantrail (RH)
DSF101290PMD - Seal cantrail (LH)
DSZ100160 - Seal bracket (cantrail).....2 off req.
DSZ100150 - Seal bracket (B-Post)....2 off req.
EAM6543 - Fibre washer.......4 off req.
DYG100340 blind rivet 4 pcs

how to convert PDF

. A. new seal
B Fibre washer
C. short cambered bracket
D. long upper cambered bracket
X old seal
purple arrows. Plastic studs to remove/replace


Two of this new brackets got added behind the new screen seals to support the seal outwards against the screen.
  The following Pictures relate to current problems of Tim W. Thank You for the pictures in any way
This is a very early hard top and he replaced already the old foam sealing at the rear against the new sealing made from rubber
The soft top fits well before this change and the windows don't have any gaps.
The hard top used to fit well with the foam seal
D.K. Comment:
Looks like the catch is tightened to much ?

After fitting the new rubber gasket the passenger window has a gap of 3mm as shown in the photograph

I have tried to tighten the hard top side/rear catch as much as I dare.
D.K. Comment:
The HT is sitting to far to the rear, whyever
Since buying the car new in 1996 the hard top side/rear catches have never aligned correctly, is this a common problem?
D.K. Comment:
Looks also like the rear is to far cambered upwards
D.K. Comment:
Mmmm, nothing bad looking so far
  Cheaters on both sides need realignment (though I have not been successful so far despite following the workshop instructions any Ideas.....)
  The look of the cheater at my MGF.
Screen lowered though
  HT rear slightly lifted to allow a look to the hose shape rubber sealing rear.
  Left hand seen from below.
A foam sealing was replaced after some early Hts by this hose form rubber sealing.(DSF101140 PMD - Seal hardtop)
A saw cut (red arrows) added as well.
Green arrow shows to the left hand rubber pad.
rubber pad location left and right. They do not meet the chassis at my car. (app 1mm space)
The ends of the rubber rear sealing. Adhered with cyano adhesive to the upwards leading screen seal.
  same location seen from outside.

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