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view to a LHD Heater in correct assemly direction.
Vorderansicht Front view
(LHD Heater!!)
Click on the picture and see the upper foam gasket which leaks sometimes to the passenger footwell.
From: Dave mgf tech on 29 August 2001 at 22:14:10 (UK time)
Alright Nick, for a start you do not have to replace the whole heater box just the foam gasket which if you can not get one you can make one, which is probably better than the original anyway.
And to remove the box is not very hard at all,
1. remove the under bonnet trim, 2 10mm plastic nuts on the right and a plastic screw fixing on the left. will now see the torsion tube leading to the brake servo. Remove the 'R' clip and tube washer on the left.
3.With a 13mm spanner loosen the 13mm bolt at the back of the servo on the right.
4.With a long extension ratchet and 13mm socket go between the wheel arch and wheel to loosen the lower 13mm bolt
(you may need to jack the car up slightly to gain access if the suspension has dropped slightly).
5.With a shorter extension remove the 2 13mm bolts on the left side of the servo.
6.once removed, remove the servo vacuum pipe by pulling the lift the servo up until the 2 loosened bolts are clear of there mountings and pull the servo forward slightl. This should give you enough room to remove the air box.
7.go in to the passengers compartment and remove the glove box, 2 screws underneath and 2 inside. Also remove the electrical connectors from the bulb holder and switch 4 in total. remove the air duct to the heater box. 2 10mm nuts, then pull downwards.There you will see the bolts to remove the box. Remove, clean and refit with a new sponge gasket, refit carefuly not catching the new gasket.
9. refit in reverse order.
hope this helps you.

(this post from Dave R. is a copy from the MGF Technical Archives of the MG CARS BBS

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