MGF (TF) Heizungssteller / Heater Control

Heater Resistor Pack - Heater box replacement

Heizungs Schalter Block mit montiertem Alarmsteuergerät heater switch board with attached Alarm ECU
  Heater control with attached Alarm ECU
Alarm ECU entfernt heater control assy seen from below (Alarm ECU removed)
Steuersegment für die Luftklappe control gear segment for the air flap
Segment für das Heizungsventil Control gear segment for the valve wire
Anschluß des Gebläseschalters Heater Fan Switch connector
Heizungsventil Heater Valve
Kurvensegment zur Öffnung des Heizungsventils The valve control curve segment
  The heater control valve (LHD)
  Outer black frame removed here.
Pull strong at the knobs to get them off.
  Knob design MK1
C-shape form inside
  Location of the 6mm shaft with C shape is on the right when the shaft is on the left idle position.
The white frame is mounted with bolts under the knobs to the assy.
Marks 'A' show the small brackets where the already removed outer frame is mounted to the assy.

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