A word to webmasters and Web-Surfers :) on the usage of META-TAGs [ download this side as text ]

Hi, I would like to suggest one on of surely several solutions on finding MGF terms with anything 'unique' that leaves out non MGF related websides.
I know myself and find it very good that the internet cannot and should not be organized in any way, but I found it useful to find my own hosted webpages.
It's not very scientific IMO. I tried this last year and it worked.
Daniel Saxer, webmaster of the MGCC Switzerland made my mind open for this on a discussion about composing site collections by his CGI-tools.
I placed in spring 99 META-TAGS in some of my websides which are located on different of my free-account websides.
Never added the websides registered them to any web service or things like that. One Meta-Tag was the "Keyword" content, with a top down structure of the page content. At the last position I placed the designer words 'mgfxxx' and 'mgfown'.

And now, look at the stupid unique word 'mgfown'
I tried out the Meta search engine of the University Hannover,
at http://meta.rrzn.uni-hannover.de/
and wrote as input to the field [Geben Sie einfach ein oder mehrere Suchworter ein] (Input one or more keywords)
and clicked on [suchen] button
Boing, see yourself the result :) Only that tagged sides appear. Worth to think about it ? Are there other Metatag search engines which can be tried out ?
Please mail your suggestions.
I'll go and place that tag now with a detailed route of the main content keywords including 'mgfown' to each of my single websides and recommend to follow that way:

<meta name="keywords" content="Roadster, MGF, technical, suspension, hydragas, blown, Dieter, mgfown">
and on the next side
<meta name="keywords" content="Roadster, MGF, technical, suspension, hydragas, pump, Dieter, mgfown" >
and so on
<meta name="keywords" content="Roadster, MGF, general, websides, search, meta tag, Dieter, mgfown">
<meta name="keywords" content="Roadster, MGF, event, diary, germany, 2000, Dieter, mgfown">
or meta for Dirkie
<meta name="keywords" content="Roadster, MGF, technical, engine, overheat, cylinder head gasket, failure, Dirk, mgfown" >

IMO we could discuss keywords at MG Cars BBS MGF general board yours or my single pages or complete webside sets. I know myself that a lot of discipline is needed. It will last two three month until Altavista has visited sides... who cares.

This kind of meta tags can be used by software tools to generate local side registers too, as recommended and practiced by Daniel in 1999 on www.mgcc.ch.

Explanation on keyword top down structure

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