MGF & ARTRA FoxSter Roll Windstop #2

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after my stupid accident in October 2000 I got a new ARTRA cause
I beleave that it will protect my head again in an roll over accident. I promised the wife to never test it again, but who knows..


The German TÜV authority released this job in individual case.
I needed to
- show at the first date the manual
- show at the second date the parts and what to cut
At that date the expert niggled at the acrylic windstop the missing EC-approval statement to the material. I found a solution. EC guys, write an Email for help on TÜV approval

things to do
- pay DM72 for the entry to the 'Fahrzeugbrief' after release of TUEV
- get (later)a new 'Fahrzeugschein' based on the now changed 'Fahrzeugbrief' from the car registration office

The Original Foxster

Material no longer available:

The Original Part Design from ARTRA and Don Liang has no relation to other mass products.

See Don Liangs Webside for further and detailed informations

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