MGF & KH Splitter Assembly

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how it arrives, what you need
and how it looks

left hand side

right hand side
detail of far out right hand side
Road Book
detail of middle fixture

middle fixture, rear point, seen from the right

lead detail front
to sharp for Germany ;-)
sand paper to deburr the lead
The German TÜV authority released this enhancement in individual case.
I needed to
- state the materials used :) like this (worked until German StVO change in 2002) :(
- unsharpen the front lead with sand paper
- drop the nuts from the kit and use nyloc self securing nuts instead
- pay EUR 36 for the entry to the 'Fahrzeugbrief'
- get (later)a new 'Fahrzeugschein' based on the now changed 'Fahrzeugbrief' from the car registration office

KH Assemblies Ltd.

KH Company closed down :(
Sales now at B&G/UK
and A.M.T./DE (closed down?)

See Rob Bells Splitter Webside for further and detailed informations/ oder in deutscher Sprache beim Nikolaj
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